Mermaids are Real: The Mystiq Prong

Are Mermaids Real?
January 01 2019

Are Mermaids Real?

I know more than a few mermaids who would be offended if you asked if mermaids are real, but I know a many more who would be just fine with that. Until recently, most of them were happy living in the ocean hidden and protected by the prongs of Poseidon's Trident. As their environment continues to suffer catastrophic damages due to ignorance and neglect from the Topsiders, some of them are getting restless. Some of them are ready to fight back to protect their homes.

Where do mermaids live?

Mermaids and mermen live in all the oceans. Some live in rivers and even larger lakes around the world. Just ask the students of Hogwarts.

Where can I see mermaids?

You'll see mermaids if they want to be seen. Most of them don't. Mermaids stick close to their underwater kingdoms. The four main kingdoms are in Beiquari, Nanquari, Donquari, and Sheqauri. Shequari houses two distinct groups of mermaids and mermen: the Shequarien and the Mystiquariens, also known as the Mystiqs. Meena, Jaylon, Yuri, Lin, and the others are Shequarien. Benji Fisher, the main character in Mermaids Are Real, is a Mystiq. The Mystiqs used to reside in Sanjowqua, but most fled. Benji is the only Mystiq in Sanjowqua at the moment. During his last rampage, Gouguon chased the Mystiqs away from Sanjowqua and out of most of the other oceans, as well. Many of the Mystiqs made it safely out of Aquari. The Mystiqs can shed their tails and walk on land just like the Topsiders. If you saw them at the grocery store or the mall, you'd never know they lived part of their life beneath the waves.

Will the Mystiqs return?

They might... when they feel it's safe. Benji is a big part of that, and he's paving the way for the rest of them to return. He's still got to battle an overwhelming amount of fear toward the Topsiders and those in Aquari who are stoking that fear.

Why are some Mer intent on attacking Topsiders?

Gouguon targeted Benji's parents and the other Mystiqs because they were making plans to disclose the Mer's existence to the Topsiders. Benji's father believed they could trust the Topsiders and work together to create a peaceful, harmonious relationship with the health of Aquari at the heart of the discussion. Gouguon distrusts the Topsiders and uses their disregard of the oceans as a prime example for not trusting them and to back his attacks on them.

What can I do to protect the mermaids?

First of all, treat the ocean as you would treat your own home.
  • Would you throw trash in the ocean?
  • How about dump waste in your neighbors' yards?
  • Let your friends come over and empty their gas tanks on your grass?
It all starts with beating down ignorance. As simple as it may seem, many people don't get it. Many people don't think their actions have an impact, when in fact both their negative and positive actions impact, directly impact, the ocean and the mermaids' homes. Start by reducing the use of throwaway plastic by becoming a conscious consumer. Lead by example. Do the right thing, and most people will follow along. We may have to spell it out for the slower ones, but they too will get it eventually. So, are mermaids real? Yes, they are. And you can help them more than you know just by making a few good decisions. For more on the mermaids' struggles and Benji's Adventures, check out Mermaids Are Real: The Mystiq Prong.


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