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Can Mermaids Live on Land?
February 02 2019

Can Mermaids Live on Land?

Do you think mermaids can live on land? Mermaids are more or less half fish half human. They have tails and webbed hands that propel them through the water. Having all that gear might propose a little difficulty....unless you are a Mystiquarien. And just what is a Mystiquarien? If you don't know, you need a little mermaid refresher course.


There are five main branches of mermaids and mermen in Aquari. Mermaids call oceans, all of them combined, Aquari.  There are four main kingdoms in Aquari. Each is divided by its geographic location: North, South, East, and West

Beiquari - The North

Beiquari is the Northern Ocean. The mermaids who live there are the Beiquarien. Like the Nanquarien, the Beiquarien keep to themselves. They live in the frigid waters of the north in a beautiful palace carved into the ice.

Nanquari - The South

The Southern Ocean is called Nanquari and the mermaids who live there are called Nanquarien. The Nanquarien are the largest of the mer.

Donquari - The East

The mermaids who live there are the Donquarien. Gouguon is a Donquarien. The Donquarien are the only group of mer that do not swipe their tails up and down. The Donquarien move their tails side to side like their sacred animals, the sharks.

Shequari - The West

The mermaids are mermen who live there are the Shequariens.

Keepers of Aquari

Poseidon proclaimed the mer as the keepers of Aquari. His Trident, which is actually a Pendent (five prongs, not three -a popular misconception), was left in Aquari to help keep his guardians safe. The mer divided the prongs between each of them. The eastern ocean was allowed two because another branch of Mer decided to declare Shequari their home.

Sanjowqua -  Home of the Shequarien and the Mystiquarien

There is one more branch of mermaids who live in each of the oceans. They are mermaids and mermen who have been blessed with exceptional powers. Borders or regions do not hold the Mystiquarien, also known as the Mystiqs. The Mystiqs have used concentrated efforts to tap into the spiritual energy in the entire species. They used techniques like meditation, dream work, and empathy to connect to their environment over the centuries. Using this ability, the Mystiqs can move water, change their tails at will, and also shed their tails to walk with the Topsiders. Some of the Mystiqs have other powers that include healing, shapeshifting, and telekinesis. Benji exhibited many of these qualities at one point or another in the first book, Mermaids Are Real: The Mystiq Prong. Out of the five branches, the Mystiqs are the only mermaids that can live on land.  


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