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Do Mermaids Do Keto
January 01 2019

Do Mermaids Do Keto

The mermaids and mermen of Mermaids Are Real would have a hard time getting in all the fat required to maintain a ketogenic diet. I myself, being a Topsider with access to 24-hour supermarkets, fresh produce markets, and mega stores, even find it hard to shovel down the fat required to stay in ketosis. In Aquari, the food of choice is fish and seaweed. The mermaids use underwater gardens to grow fruits and vegetables, but there’s no large scale farming like we have Topside. The fruits and veggies they do consume are compliments to the main meals and not dedicated portions. If I had to put a tag on it, I’d say they are much more paleo than keto. They should try it, though, because I’ve really enjoyed my keto journey so far.

My Keto Experience

I’m about a week into my second month, and as I sit down to write my first post, I thought sharing a little of what I’ve experienced would be good for mermaid lovers, too. I started keto because my fiance wanted to kick her sugar addiction, and diving in with her seemed to be the best idea to keep our lives in sync. I had no idea what I was getting into or the benefits I would experience. We’re both very fit, especially for our age. While at forty years and some change ( just a few small coins;) ) most of the people my age have some sort of baggage over their belts, we’ve managed to stay in pretty good shape. The beginning phase of the keto diet was difficult to get used to with the stomach issues and sleeping problems being the biggest. But the advantages have been way more amazing than those few weeks of finding our equilibrium with the new lifestyle. For me, the biggest upside has been the freedom from food and all the niceties that come along with that. I had been trying to put on muscle for a couple of years. It's easy to see why I was bloated when I thought I had to cram food in my face every couple of hours. The time I saved from meal preps alone is a personal gold mine for me. Another of the benefits is energy. We have both experienced profound increases in energy. During the day, when I’m not working on the next Mermaids Are Real book, I am teaching. Before, I always got tired at the end of the day. Now, I’m blowing through that time, and I coast right up until the time I go to bed. And as soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m out like a light. In turn, my sleep has been much heavier. Cosmetically, my skin looks and feels younger, too. I’m not a fan of winter because it always makes my hands look like I’m twenty years older than my age. Even if our winter (I’m in Taiwan for the time being) only lasts for a few weeks, I still don’t like it, but this year I’ve seen no change whatsoever. If mermaids could get a high source of fat in their diets, they’d appreciate that benefit alone. In Sanjowqua, they have plenty of access to coconuts, so that’s an option. I might have to tell them about it. I’m not going to spout scientific about keto/ketones and all the other physiological benefits. There are quite a few. If you’d like to know more, there are some great Youtube videos on keto by Thomas Delauer. I’d also recommend the book, The Ketogenic Bible, and the website highintensityhealth.com. I don’t get anything from these guys. They are just resources I’ve used. There are hundreds more out there if you’d like to look. Now that I’ve shared my experience with you, I think I’ll go tell the mermaids and mermen of Sanjowqua to start pressing some coconuts.


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