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Mermaid Games and Exercises
January 01 2019

Mermaid Games and Exercises

The mermaids and mermen of Sanjowqua are a playful bunch. Mermaids love games. Out of the four kingdoms, the Shequarien (mermaids of Sanjowqua and the Eastern kingdom) are the most lighthearted and mischief. They take after their signature animal, the dolphin. Or is it vice versa? As a side note, each kingdom in Aquari has a signature animal. The Donquarien of the Western kingdom have the shark, most specifically the great white and hammerhead. The Beiquarien of the Northern kingdom have the narwhales, belugas, and orcas. The Nanquarien of the Southern kingdom have the blue whales and humpbacks.

Mermaid Games of Sanjowqua

Getting back on track, the mermaid games of Sanjowqua include hide and seek, tag, and they have several track and field type events including a “flying” act where they launch each other out of the ocean as high as they can go. They use bamboo poles sticking out of the water with coconuts tied to the side to gauge how far someone got up in the air. To begin, the “flyer” grabs a fish then shoots to the surface. At the last second, they are propelled out of the water with the help of a dolphin tail. Once they reach the pinnacle of their flight, they place the fish into the highest bucket they can reach on the pole. Meena’s sister Lin has the highest flight so far, but Benji gave her an unofficial run for her money when he showed up in Sanjowqua. Read more about that first competition in The Mystiq Prong I expect there to be many more competitions in the future.

Mermaid Team Games

One of the favorite competitions across all the kingdoms is a team game like rugby, called Cong Bow Tuc, where they use a pufferfish instead of a ball. Each of the kingdoms’ mer have different attributes that mold the fashion of how they play the game. The Shequarien are most nimble of all the kingdoms. The Donquarien are not as quick but are the fastest. The Nanquarien are the biggest/strongest, and the Beiquarien are the best at strategy.


Another favorite mermaid game in Sanjowqua is tag, also called natoowi yana. Sometimes the mermaids and mermen head out looking for gold and other treasures, and with all the sunken ships laying around, there are plenty of hiding spots. The pups will play games of hide and seek after they raid a sunken ship wagering their bounty for who is ‘it’ first, last, and the longest. Payton, the water fairy, gave Benji a lesson in natoowi yana before Benji snagged the Mystiq prong from Gouguon at the end of Mermaids Are Real: The Mystiq Prong. Mermaids and mermen in each of the kingdoms are stewards of the oceans that they call home. They take care of the coral, the fish, and the mammals. And if they aren’t hunting, they are more than likely playing one of these games in their free time.


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