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Where do mermaids live?
January 01 2019

Where do mermaids live?

In the water would be my immediate, quick-witted reply to that question, but obviously, there’s a lot of water out there and it fills many different vessels, be they oceans, seas, rivers, or lakes. The most popular place to find mermaids is in the ocean, although that doesn’t mean that’s the easiest. Finding a mermaid or a merman is not up to you. It’s up to them. Mermen have hidden in the oceans for thousands of years and they've gotten pretty good at keeping to themselves, although with all the human involvement that’s polluting their environment, certain mermaids and mermen are getting a little agitated. The mermaids and mermen of Aquair live in four major kingdoms. A prong from Poseidon’s trident guards each of the four kingdoms. The prongs keep them safe and help hide their locations.

The Northern Mer

The Northern Kingdom is called Nanquari. The mermaids and mermen who live there are called Nanquarien. They live up and around the Arctic circle. They are the second largest group (in terms of physical size). Their population is one of the smallest.

The Southern Mer

The Southern Kingdom is called Beiquari. The mermaids and mermen there are the Beiquarien. They live and hunt around the continent of Antartica. The Beiquarien are the largest of the mer. Despite their large size, they are still quite fast, although being the biggest also makes them the slowest of the Aquarien mer.

The Western Mer

The Western Kingdom is called Donquari. If you can guess what we call them, I’ll send you a lollipop. The kind with bubble gum in the center (don’t quote me on that). Gouguon, the antagonist in Mermaids Are Real: The Mystiq Prong, is a Donquarien. The Donquarien live off the coast of Guam in and around the Mariana Trench. Like their signature animals, the sharks, Donquarien can go deep, and often travel alone in the trench looking for food.

The Eastern Mer

The Eastern Kingdom is called Shequari. No lollipops this time. The Shequarien live in Sanjowqua which is better known to the Topsiders as the Bermuda Triangle. There’s a reason ships and airplanes have disappeared in those waters for centuries. The Shequarien, guardians of Poseidon’s Trident, inhabit those waters. The Trident houses the Shequarien prong and, after a long hiatus Topside, the Mystiq Prong which Benji Fisher helped restore after snaking it from Gouguon in the first book. Of all the mermaids and mermen, the Shequarien stand out as the happiest and most playful. You would be too if you lived in the Caribbean. Right? For sure. I know I’ll sportin’ a perma-grin when I finally get there.

Other Places to Find Mermaids

There are mermaids in the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and in the major rivers that lead into the oceans. There was a mermaid from Natiqua, the Aquarien name for the Indian Ocean, on the ship that took Benji to Sanjowqua when Meena and Jaylon saved him from the great white shark. She sang a song that swept him off his feet fins as they sailed through the ocean on his return voyage. There are many more to be introduced as the series progresses. For now, that’s a good start, and I think you’ve got a pretty good idea of where mermaids live, although I wouldn’t go looking for them….unless you think they’re looking for you. If you haven't already, have a look at the book. You can download the first couple of chapters for free on Mermaids Are Real.


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